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Why do you take a photo when you can make a gif?


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Jan 27th, 2014

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Cinemagram is a very entertaining application which will allow us to create photographs with small motion elements, giving a dynamic touch to our snapshots. Or their equal: gifs.

The process of creating these slightly animated gifs is very simple: we create a short video of whatever we want, we select a fragment of no more than 3 seconds of that video, we apply an image filter if we want (for example, black and white) and finally, with our finger we draw the area on the image that we want to make move.

Once we have done these steps, we will just have to wait for a few seconds and we will have our motion photo ready to share through Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or e-mail. The format, in which it will be shared, obviously, is gif, easily visualized on any device.

Cinemagram can give us artistic as well as entertaining results. If we want we can make very entertaining gifs in a matter of seconds, but we will also be able to give free rein to our most artistic me in a comfortable way.
Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Isa Harberer

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Jan 27th, 2014
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